Rochelle School of the Arts is a Magnet School within the Polk County Public School District, and specific uniform and dress code requirements are established and approved in conjunction with our School Advisory Council. Following these expectations daily supports unity among our student body. Failure to do so will result in contact with parents for appropriate clothing to be brought to the school, substitute clothing provided from the school’s clothes closet, or possible disciplinary consequences if non-compliance continues.

Daily Uniform - Elementary

Tops:  purple or teal RSA polo shirts
Bottoms:  navy blue or black shorts, pants or skirts; no jean material 

Daily Uniform - Middle School

Tops:  grey or black RSA polo shirts
Bottoms:  navy blue or tan/khaki shorts, pants or skirts; no jean material

Both Elementary & Middle School

  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times. 
  • If an undershirt is worn and is visible, it must be white, navy blue, or black. 
  • Shorts/Skirts: must be mid-thigh or longer. 
  • Belts are required if belt loops are on the clothing; belts may be of any color or pattern. 
  • Shoes must be closed toe, closed heel (preferred) or a heel strap, rubber soled (no platforms, wheelie shoes, open-toed or ballet-style shoes).  Elementary students have daily PE and need safe shoes in which to participate.  Boots are acceptable, if no higher than mid-calf with low or no heels and a non-skid sole.  
  • Socks may be any color; tights must be white, black, or navy blue.  No leggings.

Spirit Shirts - Fridays

Students may wear the school spirit shirt, a school club shirt (example: Honor Society), or an Arts Department Shirt (example: Band, Dance, etc.) on Fridays throughout the year. All other dress code requirements remain in effect.

Jeans Days

Occasionally a “Jeans Day” is offered for students.  Only blue or black jeans are permitted; no holes, no patched holes, rips, or frayed edges; no cut-offs, no excessive markings or designs. All other dress code requirements remain in effect. 

N.U.T. Days (No Uniform Today)

If students are provided a NUT Day Pass, they may select clothing of their choice to wear, including jeans.  

Prohibited items of clothing: Clothing exposing the torso or upper thighs such as see-through garments or mini-skirts; halters, backless dresses, tube tops, tank tops without over-blouses or shirts, spaghetti strap garments without over-blouses or shirts, bare midriff outfits, or shirts or blouses tied at the midriff; boxer shorts, tights, hosiery, and sleepwear, overalls, spandex-style “bicycle” shorts, cut-off jeans or pants, frayed jeans or pants, sweat pants, short shorts, athletic-style shorts, or running shorts or warm up pants; no holes, rips, or tears. Hats are not allowed on N.U.T. Days.  For a complete listing of dress code expectations, see the Code of Conduct, Section 2.06. 

Outer Garments – Cold Weather Dress

Approved: solid white, navy blue, or black turtleneck under RSA polo; RSA Sweatshirts (sold through the school) or Sweaters or jackets (sold through Risse Brothers); Plain, solid navy blue, solid grey, or solid black sweaters or sweatshirts; Girls may wear solid white, navy blue, or black tights under skorts or shorts. Outerwear with an attached hood is allowed, but hoods may not be worn during the school day, inside the building.  Students cannot wear jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts or any other clothing covering their head or draped over any part of their head.    

Heavy jackets or other cold-weather clothing may be worn during arrival and dismissal from school, but clothing worn during the school day must meet the approved requirements. Outer garments can be pull-over, open front button closure, or zip-up style. Garments not meeting the above color requirements, or those with large symbols or words are not permitted and must be removed during the school day. Only small brand logos are permitted. Students not meeting dress code expectations will have to call home for replacement clothing or wear replacement clothing from the school’s limited clothing closet.