Polk County School Board Update on Threats

News and Announcements

Please read the following, taken straight off the PCPS website, from Superintendent Heid, on making a threat.
“We are also taking another important step to stop students from making threats of violence against classmates, teachers, staff or schools in general.
We will be using stricter penalties to deter students from making careless threats that create unnecessary fear and anxiety, as well as waste the time of our school staff and law enforcement officers.
Any student who makes such threats – whether verbal, written or posted on social media — will face stricter disciplinary action. Threats will immediately lead to suspension, and students could also face expulsion from school and placement in an alternative education program.
PCPS will continue to work closely with law enforcement to investigate every incident thoroughly, which can lead to criminal charges.
We must take every threat seriously — it doesn’t matter if a student is joking or simply making an outburst.
Please speak with your children and reinforce that this type of behavior is unacceptable, and carries serious consequences.”