Throughout the year, we go through many supplies while learning.  Amazon has made it easier than ever for us to share wish lists.  It’s the easiest way for you to lend a helping hand and contribute things we need (and some things we just really want) for our classroom.  Click on a teacher’s name below to view their Amazon Wish List.  Just click and send.  You can even have the items sent directly to our school!  Thank you so much for supporting our student learning!

Ms. Arnold (6th grade, ELA)

Ms. Perez (7th grade, ELA)

Ms. Lamb (Intensive Reading)

Ms. Sansom (6th grade, Math)

Dr. Spaulding (7th grade, Math)

Ms. Mooney (8th grade, Math)

Mr. Bowman (6th grade, Social Studies)

Mr. Bonadies (7th grade, Social Studies)

Ms. Williams (8th grade, Social Studies)

Ms. Cannan (7th grade, Science)

Ms. Homan (8th grade, Science)

Ms. Brandie (Art)

Ms. Bonadies (Art)

Mr. Runion (Art)

Mr. Bryant (Music)

Mr. Shambo (Music)

Ms. Phifer (Music)

Ms. Hawkins (Music)

Dr. Smith (Music)

Ms. Kampert (Dance)

Ms. Peek (Dance)

Mr. Luty (Theater)

Ms. Neff (Theater)

Coach Sheffield (PE)

Coach Ortiz (PE)

Ms. Anderson, Media Specialist

Mr. Hansen, Behavior Interventionist

Ms. Mayes, K-5 Instructional Coach

Ms. Horvatin, Middle School Instructional Coach