Celebrate Literacy Week


During Celebrate Literacy Week, elementary students will have daily “Drop Everything and Read” (D.E.A.R.) time.  During this time, students will read a book of their choosing.  To make this time of day even more enjoyable, students may participate in these daily reading themes. 

MONDAY – Explore the Deep Blue Sea

Wear your favorite blue shirt as we “dive” into reading this week!  

TUESDAY – Glow in the Dark

Just like ocean divers use flashlights to see underwater, students may bring a flashlight to read with. 

WEDNESDAY – Soak Up a Good Book

A good towel is important to help dry off after a long day of diving. Students may bring a beach towel or blanket to read on.

THURSDAY – Get Comfy

Scuba gear can be difficult to put on.  Let’s get comfy!  Students may wear fuzzy socks and no shoes while they read.

FRIDAY – Snack Attack

Scuba divers must keep their energy level high with good nutrition!  Students may bring a snack to eat while they read.